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What is Retrofit?

Retrofitting is the act of fitting new systems, designed for high energy efficiency and low energy consumption, to buildings built without them. This can range from small activities such as fitting energy-efficient light bulbs to installing state-of-the-art heating systems. The reasons for doing this are simple: A more efficient building will be cheaper to run, have a lower impact on the environment and the higher energy rating that comes with this can increase the value of the property.


PAS 2035 is a specification for what is called ‘whole-house’ or ‘whole building’ retrofit.  This is an approach to the installation of energy efficiency measures (EEMs) which takes into account the requirements of the entire building, both from a technical standpoint and considering factors like occupancy comfort.

PAS 2035 is concerned with assessing domestic dwellings for energy retrofit. This involves identifying areas where improvements can be made and specifying and designing the relevant measures. It also relates to the monitoring of domestic retrofit projects.

PAS requires a Retrofit assessment before any Retrofit work is carried out. The assessment includes:

Condition Survey: This is a very important part of the process. The report highlights current issues with a property, evidence of issues, and maintenance that should be carried out prior to any Retrofit work.  This report provides information from water ingress/leaks, blocked or leaking gutters & downpipes, moisture issues on walls, slipped roof tiles, damp readings on walls to general condition of the property. Addressing issues such as these is extremely important as covering them up may cause a breakdown in the integrity of the building and a failed Retrofit, which would accelerate the issues.
Occupancy Assessment: This is used to highlight behaviour and usage in a property such as water usage, how the property is heated, fuel type and how the current heating systems are used.
Ventilation Survey: PAS adopts a ventilation strategy which, in effect, brings the retrofit property up to current building regulations in terms of ventilation requirements. It takes into account under-door gaps, correct extraction in all wet rooms, and background ventilation. Insulating a property seals the air tightness of a dwelling, which reduces air movement and can lead to very high humidity and poor air quality. This is not good for the building or its occupants and in turn can cause interstitial condensation. PAS follows the mantra “insulate tight, ventilate right!”
Significant Survey: If a property is located in a conservation area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or is listed, PAS requires that a significant survey is done.  This takes into account extra details such as decorative brick patterns, important townscape, natural materials and historic features such as original windows, beam, floorboards, etc. This ensures that extra care is taken to protect buildings with historical importance that may be lost in retrofit projects. These considerations may influence the measures that we recommended.

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Importance of fitting the correct materials 

Target Co2 have recently partnered with Bradfords to assist them in stocking the correct materials needed for Retrofit projects. It is extremely important that the correct systems are used and fitted correctly as there is no one-fits-all system.  

What do I do next?

Target Co2 have developed a service called Home Energy Surveys. More information can be found on our Homeowners page.

When carried out before the planning and delivery of retrofit projects, these surveys help to avoid common – and often costly – mistakes. They include a full Retrofit assessment and pre and post Energy Performance Reports along with prices for carrying out the recommended works. Target Co2 work with insulation and renewables companies that can be trusted to carry out installations to the required standards.

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