With the conversations about energy expenditure becoming more and more prevalent in the public eye, many homeowners and landlords are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. In its attempt to meet key carbon reduction targets, the UK government is offering free insulation and heating grants to qualifying individuals. These are only available through approved energy agents like Target CO2, so if you are interested, browse the selection of government grants that we have available and find out if you qualify today.

Heating Grants

A modern storage heater and an a-rated boiler can make all the difference to keeping your house and family warm this winter. Browse these free government heating grants to find one that’s right for you.

Central Heating

A good quality central heating system can make all the difference to the comfort in your home and can drastically reduce your heating bills.
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Storage Heaters

Storage heaters have come along way since the old, ugly models of the 80's. High retention storage heaters are now wired as "off-peak" and "on-peak" to give you the option of boosting your heat when needed. Their fans also efficiently circulate heat throughout the room at low cost.

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Replacement Boiler

We can offer quotes to replace your boiler with an A-rated boiler with energy efficiency of over 90%. This can help you save money and maintain a warmer home.
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Insulation Grants

Up to 35% of heating loss in your home can result from poorly insulated walls. Proper internal wall and cavity wall insulation can reduce this heat loss and help you save on energy bills by making your home more efficient. Browse our free government insulation grants below.

Room In Roof Insulation

Insulation for your loft conversion can help regulate the temperature of the room throughout the year by reducing heat escaping in the winter and keeping out excessive heat in the summer.

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Internal Wall Insulation

The perfect option for solid walls. Up to 35% of heat loss results from poorly insulated walls. Adding this thermal layer keeps your rooms warmer and saves you money on heating bills.

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Loft insulation

Up to 25% of heat can be lost through your roof alone. Loft insulation is one of the cheapest energy saving measures you can action to lower your energy consumption
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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall Insulation can save up to 35% of heat loss. Cavity walls used to have a bad name, however this is due to the wrong insulation materials being used. Watch the video below, and learn how blown bead insulation can alleviate common cavity wall issues such as damp and poor breathing.

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EV Charging Point

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Get a car charging point fully fitted for £999 + VAT. Both AC & DC charging points available.
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Solar PV + Battery Storage

Solar PV panels are a great way to reduce your energy bills. They do not need direct sunlight and can even generate some energy on a cloudy day. This is the ultimate sustainable energy source and helps protect you against future energy bill rises.

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Solar Panel Installation

If you are concerned about heating and energy bills this winter, then consider enquiring about our solar panel installation service. From £8,000, we can install a solar array in your home within 6-8 weeks.
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