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Minimum EPC regulations are changing. Currently, it is illegal to let a property out if the EPC is below an E rating. Newly proposed legislation due to come into force in 2028 will require let property to achieve a minimum EPC of C for new tenancies (currently on hold, we believe this will be looked at again after the election). You can use the button below to check the current EPC rating of your property.  Target CO2 are already working with lots of landlords and estate agents across Devon, Somerset & the South West to access free heating and insulation grants to improve their EPC.

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Rental property improvements for landlords

If you are a private landlord with one or more properties, your portfolio could benefit from FREE insulation and heating grants. We help you access government grants for various home improvements, with no charge to you or the tenant.

Watch the below video to find out how we can help you achieve a C rated EPC on your rental.

  This is a unique service that offers a bespoke survey to assist landlords & agents to achieve a C rated EPC.

Mini health pack  –  £150 + VAT   

This pack contains:

  • Up to date Energy Performance Report – this allows us to model what products best improve your EPC
  • Recommended works needed to achieve a C rated EPC – incudes any Government grants for insulation & heating available & quotes for any works needed
  • Ventilation advice
  • New EPC voucher – each pack includes a free EPC voucher to be used once work has been completed

Want to understand more about EPC’s and how they are calculated? we recently took part in a webinar for one of the agents we work with, it offers education on what an EPC assessor is looking for and the pitfalls when trying to improve an EPC.

EPC’s – Did you know?

Mortgage lenders are now looking at EPC ratings on Buy to let & let to buy mortgages. If your EPC rating doesn’t meet with legal requirements, your lender may refuse a mortgage.

Councils have now been tasked to actively target landlords letting out properties that don’t meet minimum requirements.

In 2028, the fine for not complying with minimum EPC regulations is being raised from £5,000 to £30,000.   

Letting Agents & Partners we work with  – Target CO2 are proud to already be working with local companies.

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